Our Team


Our team of teachers have extensive knowledge in their subject area and have achieved excellence (Band 6 HSC results) in the subjects that they teach. Our teachers mentor students and support them throughout their academic careers in order?achieve their goals.?They have experience and knowledge beyond the class room and they know what it takes for you succeed.

All our teachers are cleared to work with children.

Our Team of Teachers and Education Consultants

Ferdous Bahar | B Arts/ B Laws* | English Teacher

Madona Gerges | B Education (Primary and Early Childhood) | Primary English and Maths Teacher

Aakash Prasad |B Sc/LLB Psychology*| English Teacher

Shane Kulatunga | B Civil Engineering / Project Management*| Mathematics Teacher

Rashad Moussa |?B Medical Science (Advanced)*?| Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics?Teacher

Lily Phan |B Medical Science (Advanced)*|Chemistry, Biology and ScienceTeacher

Fida Rahman | B Actual Studies/ B?Commerce*|?Mathematics?Teacher

Marleena Oudomvilay | BA LLB*|English Tutor

*Award pending