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Your Education…Our Passion!!

Empower Education is a tuition and education consulting centre located in Ingleburn that caters to students from all around Western Sydney.

At Empower, we offer more than just excellent results. We help students realise their full potential by providing them with the confidence and motivation that they need to perform well in school and beyond.

Our Story

Empower’s teaching team is headed by Ravendra Singh, a teacher with extensive experience working with children, who is our Managing Director. He is assisted by Sashi Singh, also a very experienced teacher who is our Director of the Faculties and Resources. Ravendra and Sashi have over 27 years experience in teaching students at Tafe and High School.

Led by Ravendra and Sashi, Empower provides students with the foundation, advice and support network that they need to excel in school and succeed in their future. Our teachers have experience in getting results whether it’s is in the OC Test, Selective Test, school assessments or the all important HSC.

Our teachers are a collective of professionals and individuals with outstanding academic merit who make learning accessible and enjoyable. Our aim is to support students beyond the classroom and inspire them to build positive relationships with learning.

As well as being educators, we are mentors who are here to offer you advice regarding choosing a school, a subject, a university course or even a career path.

We care about our students and offer a collaborative and interactive learning environment that fosters talent and creativity. We have designed tuition programs which consist of theory lessons, workshops and regular topic tests combined with individual attention and access to tutors online.

Our programs have been created in consultation with HSC markers, industry experts and in accordance with the NSW and the new Australian Curriculum.

Education is our passion and it is a lifelong journey – let us be part of yours.