We provide our primary students with a strong understanding of the fundamentals through our interactive lessons, one-on-one attention and structured homework. We create a caring learning environment where students can ask questions and gain the confidence they need to succeed in these early but pivotal stages of their academic journey.

Reading & Comprehension and Writing

In English lessons, we focus heavily on the need for students to master the art of language. This in a process that involves developing:

  • a unique creative writing style
  • exposition and discussion writing skills
  • an ability to analyse texts
  • vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills
  • exposition and discussion writing skills
  • and above all – a love for reading through our “read and succeed” library.

Our teachers are experienced in teaching these advanced English skills as they understand the intimacies of the English language.


When it come to maths, we understand that many students find it challenging. Our teachers build the conceptual framework of maths and provide students with an understanding of:

  • mathematical concepts
  • how to apply these mathematical concepts
  • problem solving skills and methodology in answering worded maths problems

We have experience in various selective schools and universities. As well as being experienced educators, we aim to be role models and mentors to our students.

Selective High School Test Preparation

Our selective school program covers Reading and Comprehension, Writing, Mathematics and General Ability. Students complete course work in order to understand the required content and then complete practice exams that are a similar style and format to the actual test.

About the Selective Schools Test:

  • The test will be conducted on Thursday 13 March 2014.
  • the test consists of multiple-choice questions in reading (45 questions), mathematics (40 questions) and general ability (60 questions). They also complete a 20 minute writing task.
  • Each multiple-choice test is 40 minutes in duration with answers recorded on computer marked answer sheets.
  • The results from these tests are combined with school assessment scores in English and mathematics to form the student’s profile score.
  • You can access past and practice Selective Schools Tests here.

Minimum entry scores for selective high school placementRead our Selective Schools information sheet which includes the minimum entry scores.

Opportunity Class Test Preparation

Through this program, students will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence before  undertaking the Opportunity Class (O.C.) Test in which takes place in July or August.

About the Opportunity Class Test:

  • The test consists of 20 questions in reading, 20 in mathematics and 30 general ability questions.
  • Part 1 and 2 each consists of 35 mixed questions; a total of 70 questions.
  • School assessment marks are also considered in Opportunity Class placement.
  • For more information, watch the video guide for parents on the NSW Department website.
  • You can access past Opportunity Class papers on here.

At Empower, Students will: 

  • Learn the conceptual content that they need to answer O.C. style questions.
  • Complete practice tests in an exam format similar to the real O.C. Test.
  • Answers and solutions will be explained by highly experienced and qualified teachers.
  • Part 1 and 2 each consists of 35 mixed questions; a total of 70 questions.
  • Learn the answers and solutions from experienced tutors.

Schools with Year 5 Opportunity Classes.

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