PGDip(Mathematics), BSc, PGCE

Ravendra is an experienced Mathematics teacher who has faciliated learning at Tafe and secondary schools for over 27 years.

After achieving Post-graduate qualificaions in Mathematics Ravendra opted to teach secondary school Mathematics at all levels. He is very approachable and understands the NSW and the National Australian curriculum very well. His passion for making Mathematics accessible and understandable to students has made him a sought after teacher. Ravendra has guided students from OC schools and selective schools with test preparation as well.

By day, Ravendra works at a selective high school mentoring students up to HSC level. He has been highly commended by universities for his consistant support and guidance to practicum teachers who endeavour to take up teaching as their life profession. It may be inordinate but noble.

He always comments, “What makes me tick is to see students coming from different cultural backgrounds, growing and learning together and eventually take their own pathways to success”. His one of the favourite pass times is solving mathematical problems.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that NO ONE can take it away from you.” – B B King



MEd (Mathematics), BA(Eco & Admin), PGCE

After having taught Economics and Business Administration for 10 years at Tafe, Sashi began to pursue her passion to teach and mentor High School students. She continued to explore teaching and developed a fascination for Mathematics. Sashi completed a Masters in Education and took up the challenge of teaching and helping students from low socio-economic backgrounds. She continued relentlessly by designing and delivering Project Based Learning (PBL) at a local High School. PBL is based on the Australian Curriculum and the NSW Preliminary and HSC Syllabus which allows students at all levels to attain the skills they need to succeed in Mathematics from Year 7 to their HSC.

As a NSW accredited teacher for almost 20 years, Sashi has also taken up helping to develop practicum teachers attached to differing universities. She has selflessly provided valuable advice and guidance to emerging teachers of Mathematics to enter into rewarding careers.

Sashi brings extensive experience to Empower and is a keen promoter of community education. She has headed and coordinated the Numeracy and Literacy team for a number of years and implemented strategies and programs for junior years. She has been instrumental in overseeing a balanced yet effective approach towards Project Based Learning in Year 7.

Sashi is very enthusiastic to work as a teacher/mentor at Empower.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt



Our team of teachers have extensive knowledge in their subject area and have achieved excellence (Band 6 HSC results) in the subjects that they teach.

Our teachers mentor students and support them throughout their academic careers in order to achieve their goals.

They have experience and knowledge beyond the class room and they know what it takes for you succeed.

All our teachers are cleared to work with children.

Our Team of Teachers and Education Consultants

Ferdous Bahar | B Arts/ B Laws* | English Teacher

Madona Gerges | B Education (Primary and Early Childhood) | Primary English and Maths Teacher

Aakash Prasad |B Sc/LLB Psychology*| English Teacher

Shane Kulatunga | B Civil Engineering / Project Management*| Mathematics Teacher

Rashad Moussa |?B Medical Science (Advanced)*?| Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics?Teacher

Lily Phan |B Medical Science (Advanced)|Chemistry, Biology and ScienceTeacher

Shafkat Rahman | B Med/MD Medicine* | Mathematics/Science Tutor

Marleena Oudomvilay | BA LLB*|EnglishTutor

*Award pending