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The actual Opportunity Class Placement test consists of 20 reading, questions, 20 mathematics questions and 30 general ability (thinking skills) questions. The test is made up of two test papers which contain a mixture of multiple choice questions, students have 30 minutes to complete each test paper.

The test date for students seeking opportunity class placement in 2014 is Wednesday 24 July 2014

Sample and Past Papers

octest2001part1                   octest2001part2                 octestanswer2001

octest2002part1                  octest2002part2                 octestanswer2002

octest2003part1                  octest2003part2                octestanswer2003

octestpart1                            octest1part2

octest2part1                          octest2part2

octest3part1                          octest3part2

oc_samptestp1                      oc_samptestp2                     oc_sampletestAns